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It’s up to YOU to rank San Francisco’s top priorities.


What type of city do we want to be?


SF Resident? Join the Beta! San Francisco’s Top Civic Issues

Your Issues

Better representation starts with you,
it’s time to set your legislators agenda.

Accurate Briefs

Resolving our issues begins with agreeing on a baseline of knowledge.

Create Better Outcomes

Let’s improve democracy by focusing on crowd sourced solutions.


Resolving our most pressing issues starts with better understanding of the issues.

Consens.io’s issue briefs are vetted for accuracy, say goodbye to false information.


What are the most important issues for your representative to work on?

Action Phrases

After establishing your priorities, you’ll clearly know whether your Elected Officials are being representative of your needs.

Accurate Briefs

It’s time to remove false information and know the accuracy of statements, that will ultimately decide the future of public policy.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Breaking down knowledge barriers helps everyone grasp the reality of an issue.

Four Stages to Resolving our Issues

We’re bringing all stakeholders into the conversation.

We can create better outcomes for everyone when we focus on priorities and discuss the necessary background knowledge prior to jumping into solutions.

Live Representation

Live representation is the ability to edit your priorities when they change and your opinion will always count.

You & Your Elected Officials

Our Elected Official’s (EO) Portal will make your EO’s more representative of your needs.

Looking for Better Representation?

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We’re gathering subject expertise from the people who are directly affected by issues and those who have studied them thoroughly.


Democracy works when there is an informed constituency, we’re bringing journalists back into the conversation.


We’ll make sure your representative know about the issues you care about most.

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